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M/S. Glove Construction was formed in 2010 with the objective of making a border base and platform to fill up, as far as possible, the vacuums in the field of sophisticated engineering constructions and to assists the country to forge ahead with its ambitious gigantic development program. Initially the company was focusing more on the trading of stone, sands, Soil and any kind of general orders but for last 3 years M/S. Glove Construction is doing construction projects (Govt. & Company contractor) under various departments of Government of Bangladesh, where exceptional service and quality is rewarded and where the client not only can be completely happy with their project but also enjoy delivering a project on time and many cases much before the completion date. M/S. Glove Construction actively pursued and maintained its position by always structuring the company to provide the quality in workmanship, service, staff and technology and by consistently updating our system, encouraging the training and professional development of our people.


M/S. Glove Construction is totally focused on its goal of delivering service and result in the high end residential and commercial market places. This company attitude is supported by providing stringent qualification tests on all our supplier and sub-contractors to ensure that they too work to our philosophy of quality and service.

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Mr. Babul Kumar Saha


Glove Construction is a Comprehensive dredging company since 2010. With the current focus towards development of water-based transport system, we have decided to towards as it will pay a vital role in the development of the country with lucrative long-term business opportunity. Our aim to create a dredgers fleet exponentially increasing dredging capacity over the next dew year. Allowing us to play a significant role in water transportation movement of Bangladesh. Here we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our clients for the trust they have been placing in us. We believe that the length of our Business is proof of the positive effect of our activities on our country.

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  • The mission of M/S Glove Construction is to 

Our Mission

  • The mission of M/S Glove Construction is to provide client with professional service, quality construction and to able to engage staff and contractors in a safe and positive work environment. Therefore, the value of our mission is.
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